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Magnesium Carbonate, Basic, USP, "Extra Light"
Magnesium Carbonate, Basic, USP,  "Extra Light"
Extra Light Precipitated Magnesium Carbonate. (Food grade and pharmaceutical grade). Meet the physical and chemical requirements of USP and FCC. Kosher Certified. High purity Magnesia.
Max Bulk Density: 0.15 g/cc
Typical Bulk Density: 0.10 g/cc
Particle size: 325 mesh, 45 microns.
Uses or Applications:
Production of cosmetics, dusting powder, toothpaste, and antacid.
Drying agent for hands in rock climbing, gymnastics, and weight lifting.
Whitening bones and skulls in taxidermy: It can be mixed with hydrogen peroxide to create a paste, which is then spread on the skull to give it a white finish.
Magnesium carbonate is also used in food products as an alkali, drying agent, color retention agent, carrier and anti-caking agent.
It is also used in food and beverage processing as a filter aid and clarifying agent.
Product Code: MC1024 $12.00 & Up


Calcium Magnesium Carbonate, Fine Powder
Calcium Magnesium Carbonate, Fine Powder
Powdered calcium magnesium carbonate is a neutralizer for acid solutions and acidic soil. It is a safe neutralizer for soil because excess use of that does not raise the alkalinity of the soil. Manufacturers, laboratories and power washers who work with acids use this product to neutralize the acid before disposal. DOLOLIME is also a filler in making spackling paste for different paints. DOLOLIME is a white or off-white powder.
Product Code: DOLOLIME $5.00


Sodium Percarbonate >85%
Sodium Percarbonate >85%
Sodium Percarbonate is a white free flowing granular chemical used in the formulation of laundry products and many other cleaning products. It provides powerful cleaning, bleaching, stain removal capabilities- yet it’s environmentally compatible. Also used as wood deck cleaner when dissolved in water. Registered by EPA for mold and mildew removal. It will break down into water, oxygen, and soda ash. Typical available oxygen = 13.7%. Synonyms: Carbonic acid disodium salt, compd. with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) (2:3); Disodium carbonate, hydrogen peroxide (2:3); disodium carbonate, compound with hydrogen peroxide (2:3)

May not be combined with other chemicals in the same invoice.
Will only be shipped by UPS or FedEx Ground. No AIR or PRIORITY SHIPPING.

Product Code: SPC2010 $10.00 & Up


Calcium Carbonate
Calcium Carbonate
(CaCO3) - (Precipitated form of Calcite which is a common ingredient found in minerals such as limestone, marble and chalk) Properties: White powder, odorless, tasteless; noncombustible; nontoxic; very slightly soluble in water; soluble in acids with evolution of carbon dioxide.
Product Code: CaCO3 $7.00 & Up

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Potassium carbonate, 99.5%, FCC
Potassium carbonate, 99.5%, FCC
Synonyms: Carbonic acid, dipotassium salt; Pearl ash; Salt of tartar; Potash; salt of wormwood; Dipotassium carbonate; Carbonate of Potash
Technical grade. Used for pigments, printing inks, laboratory reagant, soft soaps and raw wool washing.
Product Code: PC1030 $12.00 & Up


Sodium bicarbonate, USP/ NF grade
Sodium bicarbonate, USP/ NF grade
Synonyms: Baking soda; Sodium acid carbonate; Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate; Bicarbonate of soda; Carbonic acid monosodium salt; carbonic acid sodium salt (1:1); col-evac; jusonin; monosodium hydrogen carbonate; monosodium carbonate; meylon; NEUT; soda mint; sodium hydrocarbonate; soludal
Product Code: S031 $25.00 & Up


Sodium Carbonate (NaCO3)
Sodium Carbonate (NaCO3)
Synonyms: Soda Ash; Disodium carbonate; Soda; washing soda,calcined soda; ASH; Carbonic acid disodium salt
Technical grade.
Uses: Photography,cleaning and boiler compounds,pH control of water, analytical reagent.
Product Code: SC10T $10.00 & Up


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