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Sodium Hydroxide, Pellets, 95% (Caustic Soda)
Sodium Hydroxide, Pellets, 95% (Caustic Soda)
Product Code: S423P1

Synonyms: Caustic soda; Sodium hydrate; soda lye; Lye; White Caustic; lye, caustic
CAS # [1310-73-2]NaOH Grade: Food grade (for manufacturing) Uses: Chemical Manufacturing, detergents, soap, textile processing, etching and electroplating, laboratory reagent, cleaning stainless steel food processing equipment. (For professional use only!)
Hazard: Corrosive to tissue, strong irritant, highly toxic by ingestion.
No HAZMAT FEES, NO SALES TAX when shipped out of New Jersey.

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Item Specifications Price Availability Qty Order
220g, Pellets $8.00 Yes
1 Lb, Pellets $12.00 Yes
2 Lbs, Pellets $18.00 Yes

Additional Description

Properties: White deliquescent solid in the form of tiny white pellets. Absorbs water and carbon dioxide from the air. Soluble in water, alcohol, and glycerol. Hazards: Corrosive to tissue in presence of moisture; strong irritant to tissue (eyes, skin, mucous membranes). Highly toxic by ingestion. Common Uses: Sodium Hydroxide is commonly used in the production of the following products: rayon, cellophane, pulp, paper, aluminum, detergents, soaps. It is also used for the following industrial processes: neutralizing agent in petroleum refining, vegetable oil refining, reclaiming rubber, regenerating ion exchange resins, peelings of fruits and vegetables in food industry, and as a laboratory reagent.

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