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Iron Powder, Super Fine, Light
Iron Powder, Super Fine, Light
Product Code: IRON325

Super fine high purity elemental iron powder is manufactured from selected iron oxides through high temperature metallurgical reduction processes using hydrogen gas. The particles are irregular in shape with a sponge-like porous structure.
Unlike other super fine iron powders, this is a low density and non flowing powder due to the shape and density of the particles. Applications include cold casting/ resin casting, metal clay, magnetic pigment, fingerprinting powder and making magnetic paints.
Works well as magnetic powder for tension control devices; however, the high density free flow versions of super fine iron powder with product codes IRIN325ZV and IRON325AT are preferred for such applications.


Item Specifications Price Availability Qty Order
1 Lb $32.00 Yes
5 Lbs $105.00 No
10 Lb $199.00 No
55 Lbs., (25 Kg) $850.00 No

Additional Description

This product is no longer in production. Limited quantities available. Please consider IRON325AT or IRON325ZV instead.
Iron > 97.7%
Acid insolubility = 0.90%
H2-Loss = 1.75%
Apparent Density [HALL] = low <2.2 g/cm3
Screen Analysis:
-100 MESH 100%
+200 MESH 0.1%
+325 MESH 2.4%
-325 MESH 97.5%

For information about the uses of Iron Powder please use the following websites:

HTS#: 7205.21.0000
CAS#: 7439-89-6

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