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Steel Powder, Iron Powder, Coarse, Dense
Steel Powder, Iron Powder, Coarse, Dense
Product Code: S3001

S3001 is a coarse, high purity atomized iron powder for welding and alloying applications. Used as a filler metal it significantly improves the rate of metal deposition and overall speed and rate of productivity.
Due to its density and larger particle size, S3001 minimizes the production of dust and forms solid joints.
Excess heat of arc welding can be exploited to melt additional filler material in the form of metal powder. In this way significant improvements in metal deposition rates can be accomplished without raising the arc energy.
Category: Iron Powder, Metal Powder, Filler metal
Apparent density: 3.00 g/cm3
Flow rate (Hall): 37 seconds/50g


Item Specifications Price Availability Qty Order
1 Lb., (Sample quantity) $12.00 Yes
55 Lbs., Plastic Pail $188.00 Yes
5 Lbs. $35.00 Yes
100 Lbs. $325.00 No
1100 Lbs, (in 20 pails), Discounted Shipping $2,700.00 Yes

Additional Description

Chemical Analysis, Typical
Fe > 99 %
C 0.005 %
O 0.120 %
S 0.008 %
P 0.010 %
Mn 0.180 %
Si 0.015 %
V 0.005 %
Cr 0.050 %
Ti 0.001%
Ca 0.001 %

Typical Screen Analysis

U.S. mesh Microns Wt %
+30 >600 Trace
-30 +40 >425 2
-40 +100 >150 95
-100 <150 3

+: stays over/ is larger than
- : Passes trough/ is smaller than

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