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Super Fine Iron Powder, Atomized, High Purity

High-purity atomized iron powder for various applications.
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IRON325AT is a free-flowing iron powder that consists of solid-dense particles passing through a 45-micron sieve (Mesh 325). This product is versatile and has a variety of uses, including as a filler for rubber, plastics, and resins, which provides weight, magnetic properties, and metal detection properties. IRON325AT is safe for use in food contact applications and cosmetics. Other applications include magnetic pigments, sintered products, powder metallurgy, chemical reactions, soft magnetic composite compounds, magnetism experiments, forensic products, and making magnetic paints.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for cold casting of delicate high-precision small objects
  • Provides weight, magnetic properties, and metal detection properties
  • Safe for use in food contact applications and cosmetics
  • Versatile with a wide range of applications
  • Highest density among super fine iron powders, suitable for MIM and P&S applications

Product Specifications:

Product Specification
Iron 99 %
Carbon 0.001%
Oxygen 0.08%
Sulfur 0.006%
Phosphorus 0.001%
Screen Analysis:
200 (Opening Microns: 75) Trace
-200 325 (Opening Microns: 45) 3%
-325 97%

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Perfect for: Cold casting of delicate high-precision small objects.
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