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Steel Powder, Iron Powder, 250 Micron

Coarse steel powder mesh 100 for various applications.
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Coarse Steel Powder Mesh 100

Coarse steel powder mesh 100 is an imported iron-steel powder that may have some contamination caused by repackaging from broken paper bags into plastic or metal pails. It can be used for soil, concrete, sculpture, or as a substitute for cast iron powder. Some packages may have been damaged and will be repackaged before shipping.

Applications of S100 include performing science experiments related to magnetism or electromagnetism, creating a rust effect in sculptures, concrete, and other structures, and as a plant nutrient as a source of iron.

Key Features:

  • Coarse steel powder mesh 100 for soil, concrete, sculpture, and science experiments
  • May have some contamination due to repackaging from broken paper bags
  • Chemical analysis shows carbon, manganese, silicon, sulfur, and phosphorous content
  • Also known as black iron powder and iron filing
  • Pay as low as $1.25/lb for special orders of 3000-Lb or more

Product Specifications:

Chemical AnalysisRange
Carbon0.8% - 1.2%
Manganese0.35% - 1.2%
Silicon0.4% Minimum
Sulfur0.05% Maximum
Phosphorous0.05% Maximum

Note: Clumped product in 55-lb pails is only recommended for acid reactions, stain production, soil fortification, and some rust effect applications. No COA is available for this product.

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