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Test Tubes

Brush for test tubes
Brush for test tubes
Brushes are used to wash test tubes, bottles and other glassware in a laboratory setting. Brushes are available in 3 different diameters.
Product Code: US2080_1 $1.00 & Up


Culture Tube
Culture Tube
Plastic test tube or culture tube 16x125mm, made of clear Poly Styrene, with Screw Cap.
Product Code: PTT16X125 $5.00 & Up


Test Tube 16 x 150 mm, Borosilicate (Pack of 20)
Test Tube 16 x 150 mm, Borosilicate (Pack of 20)
Clear Borosilicate glass test tubes can be used for chemical experiments as well as experiments related to density and other physical properties of liquids. Size: 16mm x 150 mm Quantity in pack: 20
Product Code: TT16150_1 $9.00


Test Tube Clamp, Wooden
Test Tube Clamp, Wooden
This wooden clamp can be used for tubes from 10mm to 19mm. With a steel spring. Jaws open by thumb presure. Smooth finish. Length about 180mm
Product Code: US2031 $2.50


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