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Sodium Benzoate NF/FCC
Sodium Benzoate NF/FCC
Sodium benzoate is a preservative. It is bacteriostatic and fungistatic under acidic conditions. It is used most commonly in acidic foods such as salad dressings (vinegar), carbonated drinks (carbonic acid), jams and fruit juices (citric acid), pickles (vinegar), and condiments. It is also used as a preservative in medicines and cosmetics. As a food additive, sodium benzoate has the E number E211. It is also used in fireworks as a fuel in whistle mix, a powder that emits a whistling noise when compressed into a tube and ignited. The fuel is also one of the fastest burning rocket fuels and provides a lot of thrust and smoke. It does have its downsides: there is a high danger of explosion when the motor is pressed because of the fuel’s sensitivity to impact.
Product Code: SB1823 $25.00 & Up


Sodium Chlorite, 80%, Technical
Sodium Chlorite, 80%, Technical
Sodium Chlorite, Technical Grade, is mainly used for generation of chlorine dioxide for bleaching and stripping of textiles, pulp, and paper.
CAS Number: 7758-19-2
Hazmat fee is already added to the price. There will be no additional fees for Hazmat packaging and fees. Please see the specifications bellow:

May not be combined with other chemicals in the same invoice.
Will only be shipped by UPS Ground. No AIR or PRIORITY SHIPPING. Only ships within United States and Canada where UPS Ground Service is available.

Hazmat fees and charges are not refundable if the product is refused or returned for any reason.
100-Lb drums are shipped by large trucks and require a commercial/ industrial shipping address. 100-lb drums cannot be shipped to residential addresses.
Only shipped by UPS ground, FedEx ground and large trucks.
No delivery to rural roads and dirt roads.
Product Code: SC1201T $64.00 & Up


Zinc Stearate ED HS Vegetable grade
Zinc Stearate ED HS Vegetable grade
Zinc Stearate, fine soft powder, Mesh 325, Extra Dense, High Stability. Repells water. Perfect for mold release. A dry lubricant. Clear when molten. Used as a die release agent in powder metallurgy.
Some other uses are:
As a gloss imparting agent in paint industry.
As a metal release agent in rubber, polyurethane and polyester processing system.
As a die release agent in powder metallurgy.
As a chief ingredient in "fanning powder", used by magicians performing card manipulation to decrease the friction between the cards.
As a lubricant in cosmetics to improve texture.
As an activator system for rubber vulcanization by sulfur and accelerators.
Product Code: ZS1965 $28.00 & Up


Sodium Gluconate, FCC, 99.9%
Sodium Gluconate, FCC, 99.9%
Sodium gluconate is sodium salt of gluconic acid that is produced by the fermentation of glucose. SG1A23 Sodium gluconate comes in a fine granular or powdered form. It is soluble in water, non corrosive, non toxic, biodegradable and biorenewable.
Recomended for research or manufacturing. Applications of sodium gluconate include Food (Beverage, Cheese, Tofu, Salt Substitute), Personal Care (Dental, Shampoo), Household detergents, Industrial cleaning, metal finishing, corrosion inhibition, Bottle washing, De-Icing, Electroplating, pulp and paper, textile, plastic/ polymers, Fertilizer/ Micronutrients, Concrete, Aluminum processing, Mining.
Product Code: SG1A23 $10.00 & Up


BORAX, Decahydrate, NF
BORAX, Decahydrate, NF
Borax Decahydrate 99.9% NF Grade, white Powder or fine granualr.
Formula: Na2B4O7.10H2O
Borax, also known as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate, is an important boron compound, a mineral, and a salt of boric acid. Powdered borax is white, consisting of soft colorless crystals that dissolve easily in water.
Uses: Heat-resistant glass; porcelain enamel; detergents; fertilizers’ leather; photography; bleaches; paint; laboratory reagent.
Product Code: BORAX10NF $15.00 & Up


Potassium Sodium Tartrate, Tetrahydrate, USP
Potassium Sodium Tartrate, Tetrahydrate, USP
Potassium Sodium Tartrate, Tetrahydrate, Granular, USP grade, is alaso known as Seignette’s salt or Rochelle salt. Crystals of this product exhibit piezoelectricity. It is an ingredient of Fehling’s solution, formerly used in the determination of reducing sugars in solutions. It is a common precipitant in protein crystallography and is also an ingredient in the Biuret reagent which is used to measure protein concentration.
Product Code: PST3921 $13.00 & Up


Prussian Blue
Prussian Blue
Prussian Blue also known as Ferriammonium Ferrocyanide is a widely used inorganic blue pigment. Other names of Prussian blue are Berlin blue, iron blue, Milori blue, Paris blue, Turnsbull blue German: Berlinerblau, Pariserblau, Turnbullsblau.
Prussian blue is a cheap non toxic pigment with intense blue color used in water color, oil paint, laundry, blue ink, crayons and dying.
Product Code: PBLUE $45.00


Potassium carbonate, 99.5%, FCC
Potassium carbonate, 99.5%, FCC
Synonyms: Carbonic acid, dipotassium salt; Pearl ash; Salt of tartar; Potash; salt of wormwood; Dipotassium carbonate; Carbonate of Potash
Technical grade. Used for pigments, printing inks, laboratory reagant, soft soaps and raw wool washing.
Product Code: PC1030 $12.00 & Up


Sodium bicarbonate, USP/ NF grade
Sodium bicarbonate, USP/ NF grade
Sodium bicarbonate is also known as baking soda; Sodium acid carbonate; Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate; Bicarbonate of soda; Carbonic acid monosodium salt; carbonic acid sodium salt (1:1); col-evac; jusonin; monosodium hydrogen carbonate; monosodium carbonate; meylon; NEUT; soda mint; sodium hydrocarbonate; soludal
In medicine, baking soda is used as antacids to relieve heartburn, sour stomach, or acid indigestion by neutralizing excess stomach acid. It may be used to treat the symptoms of stomach or duodenal ulcers.
In cooking, baking soda is primarily used in baking as a leavening agent. When it reacts with acid, carbon dioxide is released, which causes expansion of the batter and forms the characteristic texture and grain in pancakes, cakes, quick breads, soda bread, and other baked and fried foods.
Other uses include fungal control, pesticide, mild disinfectant, fire extinguisher, toothpaste, deodorant, nasal irrigation and cleaning agent.
Product Code: S031 $25.00 & Up


Sodium Citrate, Tribasic
Sodium Citrate, Tribasic
Synonyms: Trisodium Citrate
Grade: Technical
Applications:Photography, detergents,electroplating, sequestrant and buffer
Product Code: SC13A $12.00


Sodium Carbonate (NaCO3)
Sodium Carbonate (NaCO3)
Sodium carbonate also known as soda ash and washing soda is an alkaline product is used in production of detergents, water softening, and cooking (food additive).

Sodium carbonate is an inexpensive alkaline substance used to adjust pH (increase pH) in swimming pools and aquarium water.

Chemicalo formula: Na2CO3
Synonyms: Soda Ash; Disodium carbonate; Soda; washing soda,calcined soda; ASH; Carbonic acid disodium salt Technical grade.

Also used in: Photography,cleaning and boiler compounds,pH control of water, analytical reagent.
Product Code: SC10T $10.00 & Up


Potassium Permanganate, free flow
Potassium Permanganate, free flow
Potassium Permanganate, KMnO4
Synonyms: Permanganate of Potash; Condy’s crystals; Permanganic acid, potassium salt;
Technical grade. Guranteed 97% KMnO4.
Used as oxidizer, disinfectant,deodorizer,bleach,dye,tanning, air and water purification.
Strong oxidizing agent
Converts dissolved iron to insoluble oxides which are removed through filtration
Converts manganese to insoluble oxides which are removed through filtration
Regenerates green sand iron filters
2 to 3 percent solution of potassium permanganate (KMnO4) is used to regenerate green sand filters.
Dissolve one teaspoon in one gallon water for athlete’s foot fungus infection.

May not be combined with other chemicals in the same invoice.
Will only be shipped by UPS or FedEx Ground. No AIR or PRIORITY SHIPPING.

Product Code: PP100 $5.00 & Up


Sodium Sulfite, Anhydrous, 98%
Sodium Sulfite, Anhydrous, 98%
Synonyms: Disodium sulfite; Sulfurous acid, disodium salt; sulftech; sulfurous acid, sodium salt (1:2); Sodium sulfite (Na2SO3)
Grade: Technical Uses: Paper industry; reducing agent; water treatment; photographic development; textile bleaching.
Product Code: SS1523A $2.50 & Up


Calcium Chloride, Anhydrous, 93%+, FCC
Calcium Chloride, Anhydrous,  93%+, FCC
Synonyms: Calcium dichloride, CaCl2
Food Grade. Recommended for Post harwest treatment of fruits and vegetables, food processing applications, Immersion freezing, Ice melting (in freezers, lockers, storage areas).

Other uses include de-icing and dust control of roads; drilling muds; dustproofing and freezeproofing, concrete conditioning, fungicides, refrigeration brines, drying and desiccating agent.
Product Code: CC1240 $10.00 & Up


Sodium Metabisulfite, 98%
Sodium Metabisulfite, 98%
Synonyms: Pyrosulfurous acid, disodium salt; Sodium Pyrosulfite; Disodium Salt Pyrosulfurous Acid; Sodium disulfite; Disodium disulfite; Disulfurous
Grade: Food Grade, fine crystal
Uses: preservative, antioxidant, bleaching agent.
Old Code: S025
Sodium metabisulfite (SMBS) is commonly used for removal of free chlorine and as a biostatic. Other chemical reducing agents exist (e.g., sulfur dioxide), but they are not as cost-effective as SMBS. When dissolved in water, sodium bisulfite (SBS) is formed from SMBS: Na2S2O5 + H2O --> 2 NaHSO3 then reduces hypochlorous acid according to: 2NaHSO3 + 2HOCl --> H2SO4 + 2HCl + Na2SO4 In theory, 1.34 mg of sodium metabisulfite will remove 1.0 mg of free chlorine. In practice, however, 3.0 mg of sodium metabisulfite is normally used to remove 1.0 mg of chlorine.
Product Code: SMBS1 $10.00 & Up


Sodium perborate tetrahydrate, Min 96%
Sodium perborate tetrahydrate, Min 96%
Synonyms: sodium peroxometaborate
Grade: Technical
Uses: Developing vat dyes, textile bleaching,synthetic detergents, dental compositions, electroplating, laboratory reagent, deodorant.

May not be combined with other chemicals in the same invoice.
Will only be shipped by UPS or FedEx Ground. No AIR or PRIORITY SHIPPING.

Product Code: SPB2114 $17.00 & Up


Sodium Hexametaphosphate (SHMP)
Sodium Hexametaphosphate (SHMP)
SHMP technical NSF grade is generally used as Sequestrant, Food additive, water softening and detergents, dispersing agent to break down clay and other soil types.
Synonyms: Metaphosphoric acid, hexasodium salt, Calgon, Glassy sodium, Hexasodium metaphosphate, Metaphosphoric acid (H6P6O18), hexasodium salt, Sodium metaphosphate (Na6(PO3)6), Sodium phosphate (Na6(PO3)6), Graham’s Salt, Sodium Polymetaphosphate, SODIUM HEXAMETAPHOSPHATE, 99%
Grade: Technical
Uses:Softenign water,laundering, textile processing,pretanning hides in manufacture of leather, dispersing clays and pigments, corrosion prevention.
Old product code: S022