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Gum Rosin Lumps, Honduran, Grade WG/WW
Gum Rosin Lumps, Honduran, Grade WG/WW
Product Code: HROSIN

HROSIN is colophony or gum derived from pine tree species known as Pinus Oocarpa in Honduras. It is produced by heating fresh liquid resin to vaporize the volatile liquid components. It is semi-transparent pine rosin and varies in color from dark yellow to light brown.
HROSIN Contain about 10% natural nsaponifiable matter that provide anticrystalline properties to the rosin and its compounds.
Main applications include adhesives, chewing gums, coatings, cosmetics, linoleum, paints, printing inks, resins, rubber, sizes, varnishes.


Item Specifications Price Availability Qty Order
1 Lb, Bag $15.00 Yes
2 Lbs, Bag $25.00 Yes
5 Lbs, Bag $42.00 Yes
10 Lbs, Bag $66.00 Yes
55 Lbs, Bag in box $210.00 Yes
550 Lbs, Bag $1,850.00 Yes
2145 Lbs, Pallet/Bag $6,825.00 No

Additional Description

Other Specifications:
Color Grade USDA WG/WW
Appearance Pale Yellow, Transparent
Softening Point (Ring & Ball) 66 72C
Acid Number (mgKOH/g) 147 155
Specific Gravity @ 25C 1.06 1.08
Refractive Index 20C 1.540
Unsaponifiable Matter 7 12.1%
Toluene Insolubles 0.01% Max.
Iron Content 15 PPM Max.
Ash Content 0.01% Max.
Volatiles Matter Negligible
Flash Point C (COC) Above 204C

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Gum Rosin Lumps, Honduran, Grade WG/WW

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