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Flat Zinc Plate, Thickness 0.030" or 0.75 mm
Flat Zinc Plate, Thickness 0.030
Product Code: ZINCPLH

Zinc sheet metal with 0.030" thickness (0.75 mm) cut from flat zinc sheet is available in 6 different sizes for industrial, scientific or art applications. This is cut from a sheet of zinc, not a roll. Other sizes can be produced upon request (Minimum order requirement for custom cuts is 250 square feet).

Our high-quality zinc sheets are are about 99.99% pure and are cut in small pieces for art, science and research projects.

Zinc metal has antibacterial properties and isresistant to corrosion. The anti-bacterial properties of zinc metal are very similar to copper. Zinc sheet can be polished to have a shiny surface.

Item Specifications Price Availability Qty Order
3 x 12 inches, (7.5 x 30 cm), 124 grams $11.50 Yes
Size: 6 x 6 inches, (15 x 15 cm, 124 grams $12.00 Yes
6 x 9 inches, (15 x 22.5 cm), 186 grams $18.00 Yes
6 x 12 inches, (15 x 30 cm), 249 grams $22.00 Yes
Size: 9 x 12 inches, (22.5 x 30 cm), 373 grams $28.00 Yes
Size: 12 X 12 inches, (30 x 30 cm), 498 grams $37.00 Yes

Additional Description

Some other properties of zinc are as follows:

  • Cleans Easily with Soap and Water
  • Color Changes Over Time
  • Doesn't Lose Integrity When Bent
  • Extremely Versatile
  • Naturally Anti-Bacterial
  • Non-Porous Metal
  • Can be welded to form seamless joints

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