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Tin Oxide, Stannic Oxide, Tin (IV) Oxide, SnO2, 99.8%
Tin Oxide, Stannic Oxide, Tin (IV) Oxide, SnO2, 99.8%
Product Code: SNO2

High purity tin oxide produced from tin metal. is an innert white powder, comprising agregates of swpherical primary particles. Non-flamable. Specific gravity 6.99.
Tin oxide is highly (chemically and thermally) stable material. Its inertness is the reason for its environmentally friendly and non-toxic profile.
Tin oxides offer versatility to ceramics and is stable at high termperatures. Chemically inert, its application in ceramics allows for a wide range of colours and characteristics.
CAS No.: 18282-10-5
EINECS No.: 2421590
Particle sizes are as follows:
Finer than 10 Micron, typical 97%, Range 90% to 100%
Finer than 5 Micron, typical 95%, Range 90% to 100%
Finer than 2 Micron, typical 92%, Range 81% to 100%
Finer than 1 Micron, typical 86%, Range 47% to 97%
Finer than 0.5 Micron, typical 69%, Range 50% to 85%
Surface area (BET): 4 to 8 m2/g
Tap density: 1400 g/L

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1 Lb. $24.00 Yes

Additional Description

This superior quality Vertex grade tin oxide buffing powder produces a high gloss shine on most stone, particularly marble. Most effectively used with felt buffing wheels.
Other applications of tin oxide include: Raw material for ceramic colour pigments Opacifier for Glazes Refining additive in the glass industry Abrasives in polishing products Formulation of electroceramics Electrodes for LCD glass manufacturing Glass Refining Additives Friction Materials, brake pads Electrical contact materials Ceramic colour pigments Laser Glass manufacturing Glass Refining Additive for low expansion Glass Sputtering Target materials Advanced Battery materials Medical and Cosmetic applications Friction materials, brake Pads Electrical contact materials No COA is available for this product. Specifications described above are based on the product data sheet.

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