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Oleic Acid
Oleic Acid
Product Code: OL0165

Synonyms: cis-Delta-9-octadecanoate; 9-Octadecenoic acid (Z)-; cis-9-Octadecenoic acid; cis-octadec-9-enoic acid; century cd fatty acid; emersol 210; emersol 213; emersol 6321; emersol 233ll; glycon ro; glycon wo; cis-delta(sup 9)-octadecanoic acid; 9-octadecenoic acid; wecoline oo; tego-oleic 130; vopcolene 27; groco 2; groco 4; groco 6; groco 5l; hy-phi 1055; hy-phi 1088; hy-phi 2066; K 52; neo-fat 90-04; neo-fat 92-04; hy-phi 2088; hy-phi 2102; Metaupon; red oil; (Z)-9-Octadecen.

Often used for making special soaps and as soldering flux for soldering lead came and lead parts. Also used as emulsifier.

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1 liter (1 Quart) $14.00 Yes
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4 x 1 Gallon, (30 Lbs.) $100.00 Yes

Additional Description

CAS # [112-80-1]C18H34O2
Yellow to red oily liquid; lardlike odor; darkens on exposure to air. insoluble in water;soluble in alcohol,ether and most organic solvents.
Combustible; nontoxic
Typical Analysis:
Oleic Acid 67% - 77%
Linoleic Acid 5% - 15%
Stearic Acid < 4%
Palmitolic Acid < 10%
Palmitic Acid < 10%
Myristic Acid < 4%
Iodine Value = 95
Acid Number: 198 - 204
Unsap : < 1%
Oleic acid is used in making soaps in order to provide conditioning, slippery feel, stingy lather, kind to skin.

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