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Polyvinylalcohol grade 22-88, PVA 217, Elvanol 52-22
Polyvinylalcohol grade 22-88, PVA 217, Elvanol 52-22
Product Code: PVOH2288

Polyvinyl Alcohol grade 22-88 is a water- soluble polymer manufactured by alcoholysis of polyvinyl acetate.
The Viscosity of a 4% solution of this product is about 22 cps.
Uses as a binder in sizes due to the good penetration capacity and good adhesion properties on all types of fibrous material.
The excellent film characteristics of PVOH like high cohesion and toughness, low electrostatic charging and redissolving capacity of the dried film in water. PVOH possesses remarkable barrier properties. Due to its insolubility in most organic solvents surfaces treated with PVOH repel oil, grease and fat.
Furthermore, PVOH displays excellent mechanical strength properties if applied as a film on paper or paperboard. Therefore it fits well as a surface sizing agent. Many special paper grades are produced using PVOH.
OVOH is an outstanding carrier for optical brightening agents and pigments.

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