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Super Fine Iron Powder, Atomized
Super Fine Iron Powder, Atomized
Product Code: IRON325ZV

Super fine atomized iron powder is a free flowing iron powder with solid-dense particles that at least 95% of them pass through 45 micron sieve (Mesh 325). As a filler for robber, plastic and resins it provides weight, magnetic properties and metal detection properties. It is safe for food contact applications and cosmetics. Other uses include magnetic pigment, sintered products, Powder metallurgy, chemical reactions, magnetism experiments, forensic products and making magnetic paints.
IRON325ZV works well in cold casting of delicate high precision small objects.
With the apparent density of about 2.9, IRON325ZV has the second highest density among super fine iron powders.
IRON325ZV is also suitable for MIM and P&S applications. This product is not tested or approved for human consumption and iron fortification.
Also used in tension control devices such as magnetic clutches and brakes.


Item Specifications Price Availability Qty Order
1 Lb. $17.00 Yes
5 Lbs. $54.00 Yes
55 Lbs. $365.00 Yes
1100 Lbs., (500 kg) $4,900.00 Yes
1650 Lbs., (750 Kg.) $8,400.00 Yes

Additional Description

Typical Chemical Analysis:

Iron : >99%
Carbon : 0.006%
Oxygen : 0.08%
Sulfur : 0.008%

Typical Screen Analysis:

Microns Wt% Specification
+150 0.0 0.0%
+106-150 0.0
+75-106 0.0 < 2.0%
+63-75 0.0
+45-63 2.6 < 18.0%
+38-45 25.5
-38 71.9
-45 97.4 > 80.0%
HTS#: 7205.21.0000
CAS#: 7439-89-6

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