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Natural Beeswax Filtered Granular
Natural Beeswax Filtered Granular
Product Code: NBWAXG3

Natural Beeswax have unique properties that make them an important ingredient of many food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics applications. We focus on the purity and consistency of beeswax for such applications.
NBWAX3G is our highest quality beeswax for food and cosmetics applications. This product is well filtered to remove all impurities and is converted to small pellets to simplify the process of measuring, blending, melting or other manufacturing steps. The color of NBWAX3G is naturally light yellow and no colors have been added.
Beeswax is F.D.A. approved under Regulations 21 CFR 184.`1973 & CFR 184.1975
C.T.F.A. Listed
CAS#: 8012-89-3 Yellow Beeswax

Item Specifications Price Availability Qty Order
1-Lb Jar $20.00 Yes
10 Lbs. $80.00 Yes
55 Lbs., (25 kg) $385.00 Yes

Additional Description

NBWAX3G is a low odor product. It does have the natural smell of natural beeswax; however, the smell is less due to the filtration process.


  • Acid Value: 17 - 24
  • Saponification: 87 - 104
  • Ester Value: 70-80
  • Appearance: Yellow, pellets
  • Odor: Natural beeswax small
  • Solubility: Insoluble in water, partially soluble in ethanol, soluble in fatty and essential oils.
  • Density: About 0.960
  • Drop point: 61.0 - 66.0 șC
  • Glycerol and other polyols: <0.5%

Made for human consumption.

All specifications comply with PH. EUR.

FDA registration number: 16772726496

Packaging size: 1-lb, 4-Lbs, 10-Lbs, 55-lbs.

Pallet quantities are 1100 lbs. per pallet.

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