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Polyvinyl Alcohol grade 49-88
Polyvinyl Alcohol grade 49-88
Product Code: PVOH4988

Poly vinyl alcohol, high viscosity (49 cps for a 4% solution) and partially (88%) hydrolyzed.
This product is equivalent to PVOH5042, Elvanol® 50-42, SELVOL 540 and POVAL 49-88). PVOH4988 can dissolve in cold water (Heating or warm water is suggested for complete dissolving). A solution of 4% provides the maximum viscosity of 47 CPS.
It offers high tensile strength and tear resistance. It is an excellent dispenser and stabilizer. PVOH 49-88 is suggested for evaluation in the stabilization of vinyl acetate, polystyrene and polyvinyl chloride emulsions. It has additional applications in re-moisturizing adhesives, temporary binder for ceramics, water-soluble film; paper adhesives, cold-water soluble film, photosensitive coatings, binder for joint compounds and texture coatings and as a soil anti-re-deposition agent. Used to make slime.
Industries: Paper, Adhesives, Personal Care, Oil & Gas, Emulsion, Construction, Textile.


Item Specifications Price Availability Qty Order
1 Lb. $35.00 Yes
10 Lbs., SELVOL Brand $175.00 Yes
44 Lbs., 20 Kilogram $650.00 Yes

Additional Description

Synonyms: Elvanol; PVA; Polyviol; Vinol; Alvyl; Polyvinyl Alcohol; PVOH; Ethenol, homopolymer; vinyl alcohol polymer; liquifilm; alcotex; cipoviol; Covol; gelvatol; gohsenol; ivalon; kurare; Lemol; mowiol; polydesis; polysizer; polyvinol; poval; resistoflex; rhodoviol; solvar; vinacol; vinalak; vinarol; vinarole; vinarol st; vinnarol; vinylon; akwa tears; moviol; sno tears; PVAL; PVA1; vinylon; Polyvinyl Alcohol 15000; POLYVINYL ALCOHOL (POLYMER MIXTURE)

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