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Ammonium Chloride, 99.9%
Ammonium Chloride,  99.9% Ammonium Chloride, also known as Sal Ammoniac or Salmiak with formula NH4Cl comes in white-fine crystals; Soluble in water and glycerol; slightly soluble in alcohol.
Ammonium chloride is used as a flux in preparing metals to be tin coated, galvanized or soldered. It works as a flux by cleaning the surface of workpieces by reacting with the metal oxides at the surface to form a volatile metal chloride.
Ammonium chloride is also used in dry batteries, accumulator, ammonium salt, electroplating, photographic material,electrode.
Other applications include fertilizer, in food industries, in laboratories and many more.
Product Code: AC1217 $10.00 & Up


Calcium Chloride, Anhydrous, 93%+, FCC
Calcium Chloride, Anhydrous,  93%+, FCC Synonyms: Calcium dichloride, CaCl2
Food Grade. Recommended for Post harvest treatment of fruits and vegetables, food processing applications, Immersion freezing, Ice melting (in freezers, lockers, storage areas).

Other uses include de-icing and dust control of roads; drilling muds; dustproofing and freezeproofing, concrete conditioning, fungicides, refrigeration brines, drying and desiccating agent.
Original manufacturer’s bags are 50-lbs. We repackage for smaller orders.
Product Code: CC1240 $10.00 & Up


Ferric Chloride
Ferric Chloride Concentrated 42°B solution of ferric chloride for etching copper and circuit boards.(Equal to a 63% solution of Ferric Chloride, Hexahydrate). 42 DEG Photo-grade. Available in one gallon containers. Ships from our warehouse in Clifton, New Jersey. Also available for pickup by appointment.
Specific gravity : 1.408 g/cc.
Product Code: FC1256 $25.00 & Up

Special Order, Please Call Us!


Potassium Chloride, USP/FCC, Fine crystal
Potassium Chloride, USP/FCC, Fine crystal A purified grade of granular potassium chloride refined to meet United States Pharmacopeia and Food Chemicals Codex Standards. The crystals are cubical in form, white to translucent in appearance and odorless. Used for various food applications and production of dietary suppliments, and pharmaceuticals. It has no additives and it is annually certified as Kosher.
Caution: For manufacturing, processing, repackaging, or laboratory research.
Certificate Of Analysis (COA) is available at no charge for orders of one or more 55-lb bags.
Product Code: PC1239 $16.00 & Up


Sodium Chloride 99.6%, (Salt Crystal, Solar Salt)
Sodium Chloride 99.6%,  (Salt Crystal, Solar Salt) Natural, sun dried Sodium Chloride, highly pure, clear crystals. Food grade. May be used in water purification systems. May also be used to grow larger crystals.
Product Code: SC1241 $10.00



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